About Our Church

We are a Christ-centered assembly of Christians pursuing the pattern of worship and fellowship shown in God’s Word, the Bible.

Who We Are

We are a Christ-centered assembly of Christians pursuing the pattern of worship and fellowship shown in God’s Word, the Bible. We are not part of any denomination, organization, or association and we do not employ any pastors or staff. Instead, we are under the leadership of a group of elders. We divide responsibilities among the congregation in accordance with each individual’s spiritual maturity, gifts, and willingness to serve. We strive to develop strong relationships with one another and to support one another in both good and trying times. We uphold the Great Commission of the Lord to spread the Gospel of Christ both as individuals and as a body of believers. Some of our ministries include neighborhood Sunday School transportation, kid’s club, Vacation Bible School, youth ministries, and the support of other missionaries, church camps, and prison outreaches.

How We Meet

Sunday meetings begin with the Lord’s Supper, a weekly time of worship and remembrance of the Lord Jesus Christ following the example given by the Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians11:24. Following this, our Ministry Meeting and Family Bible Hour and Sunday School begin with singing and feature messages from the Word of God. Various men are given the responsibility of speaking in a clear and essential manner for the assembly. On Wednesday evenings, we gather together to join in prayer and to study the Bible in a classroom setting.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why “Chapel” instead of “Church”?

The phrase “Chapel” is used as a descriptor because of the belief that that the Church is the people who make up the body of Christ, rather than the physical building they meet in

Why don’t you have a pastor? Who teaches on Sunday?

 We do not employ a pastor as we do not find biblical support for the role of a singular leader/teacher. Instead, leadership is comprised of a group of elders chosen based on qualifications from 2 Timothy 3. These men share the role of leadership, making decisions collectively. Instead of one pastor preaching most of the messages, speaking is taken care of by a rotating schedule comprised of the various men in the church as well as visiting preachers (decided upon by the Elders).

What is the “breaking of bread” meeting?

We take communion every Sunday during a service known as the Lord’s Supper or the “breaking of bread”. This meeting is entirely Spirit-led; men will stand up to share thoughts centered on the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ, or request to sing songs in praise of Him

What denomination are you a part of?

Grace Gospel Chapel is a non-denominational church, meaning it does not belong under the authority of any overseeing body.

What is your worship style?

Our worship style could be described as generally conservative. We sing mostly hymns, gospel choruses, and contemporary songs with piano and/or guitar accompaniment. Songs are led by a male song leader and without an established “worship team”.  Three to four songs will be sung before each of the two speaking meetings. 

What is the role of women in the meeting?

Women do not speak during this meeting and traditionally will have their heads covered as an act of worship in accordance with 1 Corinthians 11.